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My “Perfect” Hash Browns

One of my favorite parts of eating breakfast at not-my-house is the hash browns. I’m a big fan of potatoes in general, but crispy fried potato strings with my pancakes? Yum. I don’t know why I never tried to make them before – turns out, they’re pretty easy! And almost impossible to ruin, as I found out. Bonus!

Start out with your shredded potatoes. I used two redskins for two servings and the portions were just fine, but maybe you like bigger or smaller. I don’t judge.

Note that I didn't bother to peel them - doesn't make a bit of difference.

Then use a cloth and your brute strength to squeeze all the moisture out of the potatoes and add your flour and spices.

I went with lots of garlic and a little basil and salt.

Mix and toss the whole shebang into the microwave. See, I told you this was easy!

When it’s done, spread a nice thin layer of potato in your hot oil. (Seriously, the thinner the better. Mine was gloppy and thick and that was a MISTAKE.) Let it get brown and crispy then flip to the other side.

Mine is shaped a little like a lumpy Texas.

Once both sides are done, you’re ready to eat. I had mine with sausage and eggs and a glass of Simply Apple.


There’s seriously no excuse to not make these every day. Or, okay, every weekend at least. The only way hash browns get easier is if you buy them frozen or order them at Denny’s.

Recipe (and some admissions of screw-ups – jeez) after the jump.

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